Canon EOS Cinema Cameras Up to $3000 Off

Canon C300

The Canon EOS C500 4K cinema camera and the EOS 300 HD cinema camera are available with $3000 and $2000 instant rebates, respectively, now through September 30. Find the EOS C500 here at B&H Photo and the EOS C300 here at B&H Photo.

Additionally, the Canon EOS C100 HD cinema camera has a $1000 instant rebate available through August 31. Check it out here at B&H Photo.



  1. brian says

    If Canon dropped the C100 price to around $4500-$4800 then it would be MUCH more of a debate between that and the Sony FS100. As of right now, the FS100 with the Metabones adapter is the “poor” man’s version of the C100, with a few extra features – and just so happens to come with a free Metabones EF adapter until the end of the summer…