Hasselblad DSLR Coming Later This Year

Hasselblad DSLR

If the Hasselblad Lunar wasn’t the right fit for you, then maybe a new Hasselblad DSLR using the Sony Alpha A-mount will hit the mark…

Yes, I’m being a little facetious; however, I’m serious about the Hasseblad DSLR that appears to be coming later this year.

According to a job posting for a corporate sales manager on Hasselblad’s website, Hasselblad is looking for someone to market:

  1. a pair of new Hasselblad compact cameras, and
  2. a DSLR

These new cameras appear to be scheduled on Hasselblad’s plan for later this year.

Just as the Hasselblad Lunar was based on the Sony NEX-7, I highly suspect that Hasselblad will continue to leverage its business relationship with Sony in order to clone more cameras for its premium branding up-do. I think the Sony RX100 II and the RX1/RX1R are prime┬ácandidates┬áto fill the skins of the upcoming Hasselblad compact cameras. Likewise, a Sony A99, A77 or other yet-unreleased DSLR-style camera should serve as the organ donor for Hasselblad’s DSLR.

Given the lackluster offering of the Hasselblad Lunar, I have absolutely zero expectations of innovation from Hasselblad for any of these products. I fully expect to see a ridiculous price attached to zebra-wood finished and rebadged Sony Cyber-shot and Alpha cameras.

Am I being too hard on Hasselblad here? Do you have hope that Hasselblad will deliver something worthwhile, and not just an overpriced Sony clone?

[Hasseblad via Photo Rumors]



  1. Anthony says

    I thought there couldn’t ever be a worse product from a formerly great company than the Lunar from Hasselblad. It seems I was wrong.

  2. Mr. Blad says

    The tradition of taking the bones of an existing product and “upgrading” it is long established. As we know this has been done with thousands of products. From cars to appliances to televisions.
    I would suggest that the rejection of the Lunar has more to do with the price and presentation, than with the dubious “upgrade” itself. If the Hassey was just 20% more than it’s Sony twin, would it have received the same level of vitriol? Doubtful. Likewise, if a Sony compact or SLR is Hassey’fied and marked-up 600% again, it will be groundhog day once more.
    Time will tell.

  3. says

    Having used a Hassleblad XPAN for a number of years I would jump on the chance to buy a digital version of the XPAN!!! Just dreaming I know!
    Gordon Ripley