Triggertrap Just Made High-Speed Photography Stupid-Easy


Triggertrap has updated its iOS app and added a new piece of hardware that allows the app to trigger flashes instead of the camera. The results allow the Triggertrap app and flash triggers to be easily used for high-speed photography captures with a response time as low as 5 milliseconds.

Triggertrap iOS App

The success of this new innovation is apparent from the video below wherein Triggertrap CEO Haje Jan Kamps introduces the new updates.

The Triggertrap Flash Adapter is a reasonable $30 and includes two hot shoes for attaching two speedlights. It can be found here on Triggertrap’s website. The Triggertrap iOS app is available for free here on the iTunes App Store.

You’ll also need to have a speedlight or two that is capable of being triggered in manual mode, preferably with the ability to dial down the power output to 1/16 power or lower. If you don’t have any of those, the trusty old Vivitar 285HV should suit your needs and keep you on a budget.