Instagram Now Does Video

The wildly popular, retro photo sharing service, Instagram, now allows users to record video and share it on your account. While this feature is similar to Twitter’s Vine app, you get a 15 second cap on Instagram as opposed to 6 seconds on Vine.

Instagram has done a good job with the UI for capturing video. When you select the video camera on the Instagram app, press the record button to begin capture. Keep your finger on the button until you are ready to stop recording. When you lift your finger the recording stops. You can continue recording for up to 15 seconds in aggregate by putting you finger on the record button again.

Instagram Video UI

After you finish recording your clip, you can select from 13 new filters for video. Addtionally, Instagram video has an image stabilization feature, Cinema, which appears to do a solid job of stabilizing shaky footage.

The stabilization is software-based (think Adobe’s Warp Stabilizer on a lower processing level), but seems to be worth using in shaky situations.

Instagram Video Update

The update is now live and can had on both iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, Instagram is not yet available for Windows Phone users.