Sony 16GB Class 10 UHS-I SDHC Card for $9.95 – Deal Alert

Sony 16GB Class 10 SDHC

B&H has great deal on a Sony 16GB Class 10 SDHC card for $9.95 (reg. $26.95). Only a limited supply at this price though… Check it out here at B&H Photo.

Class 10 cards deliver on speed for HD video capture, which goes along with the size advantage of the SDHC spec.  For more details on what all the classes and card specs mean, check out my resource article Demystifying SD Cards.



  1. Joe Prete says

    As usual, the “DEAL OF THE DAY” is Bullshiit!!! The 9.95 16GB SDHC card get’s put into the checkout and the cost? $23.95 – $5.00 Rebate= $18.95 This card sells daily at many other locations for $19.95 Why not cut the CRAAP and be for REAL ! I have yet to receive even one of your special buys. Let’s see if you even have the stones to print my message just for once. When I first met you, you seemed like an okay guy, but I can’t even see how this earns anything for you. What maybe the 5% of people that think it’s still a good deal? Add the shipping and it’s way over priced
    As for Adorama, and especially B&H, SHAME ON YOU!!! … … … Joe Prete

    • says

      The deals posted above were good and valid when posted and I know several readers took advantage of and paid the prices mentioned above. I’m sorry that you didn’t get it to work our for you. However, I haven’t heard complaints from anyone else about the price on Amazon for this deal.

      And, I’m not sure where you’re coming from Joe. But that’s not my personal experience with Amazon, Adorama or B&H. I regularly shop at all 3 of these places and never had a bad experience with any of them (and plenty of other Photography Bay readers are in the same boat as me).

      As for Adorama and B&H, which you specifically call out, those retailers are a cut above all other online camera retailers in my experience, and generally respected throughout the industry by the vast majority of photographers. I’ll continue to recommend these retailers above all others for camera gear until they are proven unreliable. I would encourage you to take up any specific grievances you have with these retailers directly.

  2. Joe Prete says

    It didn’t work on line, and it didn’t help calling them either. I use B&H regularly and I have no problem with them. They always match their competitors price too, but this wasn’t a competitor or an advertisement. It’s still sitting in my cart at their site, it was $18.95 or $9.00 more than your link stated. When they called me back, they thought $18.95 was a good price, it was $23.95 before the rebate, and 18.95 after the rebate. I was asked, “how will we make anything on them at $9.95?” I can see their point! But I clicked on it within minutes of receiving your email. Now you reply at 10:00PM of the next day. How will this help Eric, you thought you’d catch me sleeping? Can you get me some cards for $9.95? Really, write me next time when the store is open, as you can see, this reply was sent back to you within minutes of receiving it. Maybe next time you’ll answer my email while the “sale” is still in effect, you know they close early on Friday too, right?

  3. Joe Prete says

    Eric, while you’re at it, maybe you can tell me why you had one 16GB Card for $9.95 and a two pack for $31.95 on the very next line. (which they did have) But two cards at $9.95 = $19.90 so why would anyone buy the two pack for $31.95 (or $12.05 more). Maybe these are different cards, despite the listing of the same capacity and speed rating? Maybe you should list the product/model number that these special deals are referring to, and it might help if the guys in the store knew about this also.

  4. Joe Prete says

    Morning all,
    Just packing my gear for the day and I notice a B&H email. It seems the Card pictured above 16GB UHS1 Class 10 94MBP/s Read, 45MBP/s write is the $23.95 Card, not the one described directly below it. The $5.00 off odder ended 7/13/13 apparently web only.

    There is however, a Sony 16GB UHS1 40MBP/s Read, 10MBP/s Write $14.95 no refund in effect/also web only. Tis is a low speed card at 45/10

    Also, a Sony 16GB SDHC Class 10 22MBP/s Read, 10MBP/s Write NO PRICE Listed! because it’s a DISCONTINUED ITEM. AN INADEQUATE SPEED for recent DSLR Cameras.

    Going to the B&H site & checking CLEARANCE & DISCONTINUED items, or adding your name to their Email specials will give you the correct information, and not put a picture of a high quality item, and a price for a Discontinued item. So this speed would NOT BE ADEQUATE for me anyhow. And by the way, B&H has a check box above the items, that reads Check to include Discontinued items. As for someone who regularly buys from three major retailers, that sell the exact same goods, I have to wonder what it is, that they need to buy or can afford to buy regularly. For us regular people BUYER BEWARE

  5. Joe Prete says

    You know, I wouldn’t have posted that if I had gotten one of these deals from one of the many times that I’ve tried. There you have a picture of one card, and the same price ($9.95) at B&H just below it. Yes, I’m sure that quantities would be limited, but odds are that I would have gotten one deal in several attempts. If B&H is out of stock, what can I say, but you must admit that looks a little deceiving with the 94MBP/s card just above the price. I’m on the phone with Chaim of B&H as I’m typing this at 12:00PM on 7/15/13, and he has no idea who you are, and he’s never even heard of this website. He also checked with others, nobody there knows you!! He’s checking through the specials, and there is no way that he can match this price on any Sony 16GB UHS1 SDHC CARD. Eric, it’s not my intent to discredit you, but why advertise for a store that doesn’t have the items at said price, and has no idea who you are? I’ve dealt with this gentleman before, and never had any problem! Granted, I don’t purchase regularly from the three retailers as you claim to do, if I were to spread out the purchases, they would never remember me. I don’t have that kind of volume! I’m not sure what you’re buying regularly from them, but they don’t know you at all. I guess this will be my last attempt, I can’t keep wasting the time like you. I suggest you first tell them who you are, before you add these links to their store, at least then they’ll understand why these time consuming call keep coming in.

  6. Joe Prete says

    Well, at ten minutes to Four, we’re at the cutoff point for items that go out with todays shipping.
    It doesn’t look very promising at this point, but I’ll take a screen shot of your page, because now I’m starting to wonder if even you know of this site Eric. Have a GOOD Day. 7/15/13 3:56PM
    Your Friend,
    … Joe Prete

    P.S. I will say that your Blog works right! Good Job Eric!

    • says


      I think I’ve figured out the problem.

      First, this post was from JUNE 11, 2013. Note the date at the top of the post. That’s why the deal is no longer showing up at B&H.

      Second, I made the mistake of replying to your comment on the backend of my site, which orders comments by the most recent.

      I mistakenly thought you were commenting on this post: – which was posted on the same day you made your comment.

      That was a big mistake on my part and caused further miscommunication in our conversation. For that, I am very sorry.

      Third, the lines you are referring to at different 2-packs for $31.95 are actually links to different posts. I use a plugin that generates “Related Posts” as you can see in the heading above those links to show posts that are similar in content to the current posts. If you take a look at the link/post you mentioned, it was actually from September 2012. That’s probably not the best use of related posts, but I don’t know that I can disable the links on a per-post basis.

      Finally, I’ll be personally sending you a B&H gift card code via email since I messed up by not responding to your initial post appropriately. You can use it to get a memory card or put it toward whatever that you want.

      Keep the posting dates in mind for future reference though. In this case, it says by ERIC REAGAN on JUNE 11, 2013 just under the main title of the post. Many times when I post a deal like this, it is only around for a day or two from the initial posting date – even if the post is still online at a later date.

      I also have a Deals Newsletter that goes out on a regular basis and informs readers of deals in a timely manner. You can find out more about it here:

  7. Joe Prete says

    I see the date in the screenshot, you are right, the date was wrong. I see that it was a mistake, and I apologize, Also, I shouldn’t have continued to comment without hearing from you first. A place that I shoot for, takes the cards and gives back empties in return, and while many people use cheap cards, I won’t put them into my cameras. So buying 16GB cards of sufficient speed rating is a constant process for me. I’m sure that those that get my cards back feel lucky. But that’s no excuse for going off on you. I am sorry. Are we okay now? Sorry for the delay, I just got back.
    … Joe Prete