Supply Constraints Signal Possible Mac Pro Update at WWDC on June 10, Rumors Say No Internal Expandability


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off next week with the keynote on June 10. Historically, the keynote has been a place to show off new Apple products and get the developers excited with the latest iOS and OS X news.

Tight supplies of Apple computers often signals that they have a replacement in the pipeline very soon. And that just happens to be the case with the Mac Pro, which is backordered at numerous retailers that normally have a healthy stock and quick shipments.

The Mac Pro has been the step-child of the Mac lineup for a number of years, and is pushing over 1,000 days since its last significant update. Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that a new Mac Pro would be delivered in 2013.

Additionally, the Facebook page “We Want a New Mac Pro” posted that sources in the know revealed the following information the new Mac Pro:

  • It will be heavily reliant on Thunderbolt.
  • There will be no internal expandability.
  • It will have support for Dual GPU’s with three monitor support right out of the box.
  • No FW800 or Optical drive
  • It will be released in the fall
  • It will be a completely new design

Plenty of power users have been holding onto hope that Apple would deliver a significant product to prevent their switch to Windows – even though some have already made that switch. Rumors and predictions have been swirling for months that WWDC was the right time and place for the next Mac Pro. Reading the tea leaves just a week ahead of WWDC’s keynote, that may very well be the case.

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