Owner Makes Epic Car Commercial to Sell His 1992 Toyota Paseo

What would you do if you had a 1992 Toyota Paseo that you wanted to sell?

Craigslist. Right?

A handful of people might see your ad and you may or may not sell it.

The Most Elegant Automobile - 1992 Toyota Paseo

When Henry Floyd needed to get rid his Paseo, he took put his video camera to work and made a luxury car commercial for his well-worn compact entitled “The Most Elegant Automobile – 1992 Toyota Paseo”.¬†As Henry put it:

Well, I’m selling my old 1992 Toyota Paseo soon, so I thought, why not send it out on a red carpet? It may not be a Mercedes, but it’s close. Kind of.

As one commenter noted, “Shut up and take my money!”

[via Jalopnik]



  1. Ashley Groome says

    If you are going to flog a car kiddo – push it to overachieving type “A” wankers with perceptions of genital inadequacy. Sell the perception of sleek, powerful, sexy – if I by this car I will be popular, powerful and (more importantly) I’ll might get laid.