Corel AfterShot Pro (Lightroom Alternative) for $25 – Deal Alert

Corel AfterShot Pro

Amazon has Corel AfterShot Pro digital downloads available for $25 (boxed copies are $64). I first saw AfterShot Pro last year at CES 2012. It’s raw photo editor and an alternative to Lightroom; however, it does some things different and some stuff that Lightroom can’t. That said, I haven’t heard much news about AfterShot Pro since then and I’m not sure about the current state of development.

You can get the download deals for Windows or Mac here on Amazon.



  1. says

    I’m curious if others have tried this software. Seeing the screen captures it look similar to LR.

    The reviews on Amazon weren’t good. It may be good to recommend to someone who wanted more then iPhoto-ish program but didn’t really want to spend top much. Amazon’s $29 is definitely doable.

    • says

      I’ve used it some and really have no complaints. It works great as a raw editor; however, I’m so entrenched in Lightroom with my workflow that I don’t really see myself switching over.

      One of the key differences is organization of files. You don’t have to “import” photos like you do in Lightroom. You open them up via an Explorer-esque file tree and can start working on them. It does some cool stuff that Lightroom isn’t doing yet – with non-destructive edits after make adjustments in plug-ins. I just don’t know how much support Corel is offering or going to offer for future camera models. But for $25, it will certainly be worth a try for some.

    • Douglas J. Louden says

      Like Eric I find the switch from LR a bit of a change. But that likely will change with use. I really haven’t had much time to do a project with it so I can’t speak with authority. I’ve also installed Paint Shop X5 Ultimate, thanks to an upgrade offer from Corel to Photoshop users. As I just did the install I can’t make any judgement calls yet.

      I do know that I see the need to move from Adobe products and will continue my quest for a comfortable match. I look forward to comments from others on this.

  2. Darren Kelly says

    Well one thing I can tell you, and perhaps the link info should be updated. You must be a US citizen to purchase and download this software.

    As a Canadian, I was turned away.

    Kinda Sucks