90 Million Canon Lenses in the Wild

Canon 90 Million EF Lenses

Canon rolled its 90 millionth lens off the production line last week on May 23, 2013 – with the very popularĀ EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM be the lucky lady. This big milestone comes less than 10 months after Canon produced its 80 millionth lens in August 2012. Canon hit the 60 million and 70 million EF lens milestone in 2011.

Canon EF Lens Production Timeline

  • 1987: EF lens production begins
  • 1995: 10 million lenses
  • 2001: 20 million lenses
  • 2006: 30 million lenses
  • 2008: 40 million lenses
  • 2009: 50 million lenses
  • Jan. 2011: 60 million lenses
  • Oct. 2011: 70 million lenses
  • Aug. 2012: 80 million lenses
  • May 2013: 90 million lenses

At this pace, expect that 100 million lens milestone to happen in early 2014, maybe even faster if Canon makes something hot happen with the EOS M system later this year.



  1. says

    That was in the past Canon now not competitive , Canon have shot themselves in both feet ..

    Canon Pro now available in Fish & Chip shops !!

  2. jim says

    and half of the junk lying around are the FD lens that Canon decided to screw over their
    customers when they went digital and changed their lens mount for digital cameras ?

    Canon is way over priced for Stuff !

    People are finding out that you can’t sit on your name and not innovate anything
    than turn around and charge top dollar for mediocore equipment.

  3. karl says

    Don’t believe that CANON is anymore expensive OR over priced than NIKON! When you compare camera models with very close feature lists between the two manufacturers, the NIKON historically has always been MORE expensive, going back to the NIKON F era of the 1960s, 1970s.

    What I’d like to see CANON do is to introduce a companion lens to the newly-available 200-400/4 L, WITHOUT all the extra hardware, electronics, etc. for “smooth” autofocusing in movie mode. As an SLR still-capture user (digital & film), I couldn’t care less about all the extra features for the movie mode. And, IF they could reduce the price by several thousand dollars, then that would make a GREAT addition to their lineup of EOS lenses. As it is now, I can’t see investing almost $12,000 for such an item. To me it would be akin to their offering FOUR different variations of the 70-200 lens, two with “IS”, two without, two @ f2.8, two @ f4.0!

    I have never used any of my dSLR bodies in movie-capture mode, and have no intention of ever doing so…..

  4. Stanc says

    Well said Karl,
    It’s about time Canon and the like listened to folk such as us.
    Likewise I’ve never used the video mode on my 5DM2 and never will! I am a stills photographer if I want video I use my video camera! I’m pissed about paying extra monies for something that shouldn’t be on a stills camera, if Canon want to pander to the ‘techies’ release a camera Mkwhatever V (video), leave us with a stills camera and adjust the price accordingly! Rant over!

    • jim says

      agreed, here here.

      Canon stuff over priced also.
      they ask too much, than have to reduce there prices to sell???