Photoshop CC New Features Roundup from Adobe MAX

Photoshop CC

Many of the new features in Adobe Photoshop CC were somewhat lost in the news of Adobe’s move to a subscription-only service for Photoshop CC and other Creative Cloud apps. However, there are many new whiz-bang features coming to Photoshop CC next month, most of which were highlighted to some extent at the Adobe MAX conference earlier this month.

Adobe has released several of Adobe MAX conference videos that go more in-depth into Photoshop CC and its features than what we’ve seen thus far in press releases and “top features” videos. Check them out below.



  1. G Taylor says

    I no longer care what Adobe offers and will not as long as they only rent software. I skip their ads I skip the articles. I started with them many years ago but I’m done.

    • Chris says

      me too…
      I hope in the next 2-5 years they change the direction or an another company make a good alternative…

  2. Neil Wilson says

    In general, I agree with G. Taylor. PhotoShop may be the most powerful and desirable product of its class available currently. Personally, I am tired of the annual upgrade routine. Most people do not need the very latest and greatest of any type of product, each and every year. What I have currently, can serve me well for years to come. And there are always competitors, if one is willing to hunt for them.

  3. Jerry says

    I’ve got to say Adobe has shot themselves in the foot and may well have done a critical injury. Why would anyone agree to rental payments which when they end leave you with nothing and no was to use your images? I will stay with CS6 until they either learn what a foolish money grab they have committed and change back to perpetual licensing or someone will step in with a worthy replacement!