Magic Lantern Hack Enables Raw Video on Canon 50D

Canon 50D

Just when we thought the Magic Lantern madness couldn’t get any crazier, they go and enable raw video capture on the 5-year-old Canon 50D. By taking advantage of the 50D’s ability to push out a video feed from the sensor for live view, the Magic Lantern crew dug further to apply what they’ve learned from recent 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II experiments to draw raw video out of the 50D.

While we’re not going to see the quality and resolution that we are from the 5D Mark III, the early results are very promising for this discontinued camera. Check out some early sample footage from the 50D operating at 1592 x 720 resolution.

Just imagine if Canon unlocked the power of these cameras from day one – without the need to hack them for additional functionality…

While you can no longer buy a new Canon 50D, they are still floating around used in the neighborhood of $500 give or take. B&H usually has a couple in stock used.

[via Nofilmschool]

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  1. karl says

    SORRY! I had a 50D…. enjoyed it very much, although the main ckt. board failed, and it was the ONLY recent CANON body that I didn’t have an extended warranty, so I traded it for a 7D. Am very happy w/ the trade, but my only disappointment is that CANON changed the battery so my inventory of BP511 (dating from the 10D days) was now useless! I would NOt install an aftermarket opsys to jeopardize any warranties in force, and who knows what feature might be short-changed that the OEM built into the firmware will be compromised. Not worth the risk to me…..

  2. says

    Wow! What a masterpiece! I think this one is great but I also know that I might not be able to afford it…So, I wonder if I can get a more affordable Canon camera with similar features….Will any one of these serve the purpose? I just want to enjoy making videos and clicking pictures…..just for fun Cheers!