Handlebar and Tube Mounts for Hitcase Makes the iPhone More Adventurous


The Hitcase adventure-video case for the iPhone now has a new handlebar and tube mounts available, the MotoR and RollR. The new mount allows you to mount the iPhone on bike handlebars, luggage racks and other types of tubing.


The MotoR, priced at $39.99, fits tubes from 0.5″ to 1.25″ (12.7mm to 31.75mm) in diameter and is designed for mountain bike or ATV handlebars. The RollR, priced at $44.99, is marine-grade mount that attaches to tubes from 1″ to 2.1″ (25.4mm to 53.3mm) in diameter.


You can order the RollR and MotoR mounts direct from Hitcase.com.