Hasselblad Lunar Coming This Week, First Look Video Bills it as Luxury Item

Hasselblad Lunar

The Hasselblad Lunar should be released in the US this coming Thursday, May 30 at a New York launch event. As previously reported the Lunar is essentially a Sony NEX-7 with a fancier body and a $4,000+ higher price tag.

Hasselblad Lunar 16mm

It’s also interesting to see these new configurations with rebadged Sony 16mm and 18-200mm lenses. Don’t expect those to come in close to Sony’s retail prices either.

Hasselblad Lunar 18-200mm

This first look video is about what you should expect for the Hasselblad Lunar’s marketing plan – sell at as a luxury item and status symbol rather than any image quality benefits.

[via Photo Rumors]



  1. Anthony says

    It will be interesting to see how many people are willing to pay $4000 more than the price of a Sony NEX-7 for the privilege of owning such a supremely ugly camera.

    I hope no-one tries to equate this to a Leica M. The Leica is an excellent photographic tool that is expensive because it is hand-made to very high standards.