How Does Third-Party Firmware Affect Canon, Nikon and Panasonic Camera Warranties?

5D Mark III Magic Lantern

We’ve covered Magic Lantern firmware and the new Canon 5D Mark III raw video feature lately. However, one thing we haven’t touched on is how using and installing third-party firmware on your DSLR affects your camera warranty.

Udi over at DIY Photography contacted Canon, Nikon and Panasonic to see what they had to say about using third-party firmware on their cameras. In short, Canon says that using Magic Lantern firmware won’t void your warranty, while both Nikon and Panasonic say that installing a third-party firmware will void your warranty.

Of course, if your Canon camera is bricked by the Magic Lantern firmware, Canon would charge for the repairs.

More over at DIY Photography.



  1. V.S. says

    this is stupid, they say canon wont void your warranty, but will charge for the repairs??? as far as I understand under warranty your repairs should be covered by warranty. Obviously this is coming from canon fans…

    • Jacques says

      I read it at first the same way you did, but upon rereading it, it says that if Magic Lantern is the problem, then you will pay, if it is normal warranty issues for Canon then it is warranty

  2. stoner says

    what canon say is if you brick the camera because of the firmware u have to pay the fee for fixing it, but if your camera broke because of fall or something and it happen to be installed with magic lantern, canon will still fix it no charge as long its in warranty time, while panasonic n nikon wont

  3. jaky says

    the article says canon would charge for repairs IF your camera is bricked BY THE MAGIC LANTERN FIRMWARE. but any non-firmware related hardwareissues would still be covered under warranty. but with nikon or panasonic, installing the firmware will void the warranty all together, including non-firmware related hardware issues such as the oil splatter/sensor dust problems of the d600.

  4. phentex says

    Actually what’s the point in talking about Nikon ? There’s never been any Magic Lantern-like alternative firmware for any of their DLSRs anyway :(

  5. karl says

    …And, IF CANON gets a repair order for one of their newer models the MAGIC LANTERN firmware loaded, AND IF the CANON technician decides that because of a glitch in the firmware the camera malfunctioned, do you really believe that the CANON technician won’t repair the camera, reload the latest CANON firmware & bill the customer for the repair? Anyone who doesn’t believe this very possible scenario is really quite naive!

    • says

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