Leica Teases ‘Mini M’, Coming June 11

Leica Mini M

Leica has its upcoming ‘Mini M’ camera listed on its website now. The ‘Mini M’ name appears to be where it fits in the lineup among Leica cameras, rather than the official model name.

Leica Mini M Teaser

No other information is known about the Mini M at this point; however, the logical conclusion would be that the Leica Mini M would be a rangerfinder-style, interchangeable lens, APS-C camera as a nice fit between the full frame Leica M and the fixed lens, APS-C Leica X2. Leica offers a newsletter signup on its website for future Mini M news.



  1. Ashley says

    And you can bet that the new. Mini M will be a absolutely, beautifully made, overpriced museum piece, for cashed up dilettantes. Sorry folks, when Leica actually makes a “modern” camera I will be first in line, waving the flag – until then “phooey, I’m not buying the hype.