Canon 70D Due in July?

Canon 70D Rumors

The latest rumors suggest that we could see the Canon 70D officially announced and replacing the 2.5 year old 60D in July 2013.

The 70D is supposedly in the final stages of testing and units are in the hands of some of Canon’s Explorers of Light. Additionally, Canon is rumored to be in the process of shooting commercials and ad campaigns for the 70D at various locations.

If you see one in the wild, send some photos our way.

Previously rumored specs point to an 18MP sensor and more robust build than the 60D.

Canon 70D Rumored Specs

  • 18mp Sensor (Same as SL1)
  • 6.5fps
  • SD Card
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • 3.2″ Touchscreen LCD (No mention of swivel)
  • Magnesium Alloy Construction
  • Weathersealed
  • Slightly larger than the EOS 60D
  • $1199 USD Body Only

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  1. jim says

    Ho Hum……

    big deal, Canon is really getting boring,

    now Sony on the other hand…..
    2014 full frame sensor in a 4/3 camera,
    now that’s exciting.

    Want to save some money with Canon buy their past generations, same camera
    without the Wifi, Gsp etc… that nobody uses anyways.

    Canon, ho hum boring !!! what a shame.

    • Rayna Ramsay says

      I would use both those options, Wifi especially if it does not have a swivel screen as i am very short and many times when i set my tripod it has to be high so I can get a proper image but as i am short (4 foot 6) I cant see shit. The Wifi does great for when you can live view on another device i.e phone.

      GPS will also be important to me as I take a lot of senic shots in the bush and other areas where I would like my location documented automatically.

      Those are my demands for my next upgrade – I long outgrew the 550d – I have been waiting for the 7d mkII but if that is not released soon i might settle for the 70D.

    • Savann says

      In the past people said on one care about video in dslr. Today they said no one care about wifi or gps, but look at the dslr video market today, soon all camera will have wifi and gps built in. I think we all should appreciate what they gave us.

  2. says

    Canon must really sit down, think and act…..on how can they really Delight their customers.
    Their competitors is always pushing the envelopes….that makes me think 1) stay with models l am using —-for life 2) explore the possibility to play with other brand and 3) let children use other brand as their first DSLR.
    Both price and technology cannot match their competitors new models.

    Wake up Canon….or else back where you used to be…like in the 70’s.

  3. says

    I agree that Canon needs to step their game up. They are putting out bodies like a desperate and weak R&B singer putting out music, just to keep their name out there – relevant. I won’t buy a new body, because every three months, here’s another one. Slightly larger, more megapixels and crop sensor has the ability to remind you that right after you create your first image with it, a new cera is coming out next week. Slow down, Canon. If it weren’t for my brand loyalty of 32 years, Nikon would be my choice, with their incredible learning curve. Maybe even, Sony.

  4. DonnaRoberts says

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! We’ve been hearing rumors of Canon 70D release every couple of weeks. It seems that no one really knows for sure (including Canon) when this will really happen. I really need a new Canon dslr, but don’t want to buy the 60D if the 70D is going to offer a better sensor, more af points, etc. Just wish they wouldn’t keep putting it off. Guess I should hope for Black Friday or Christmas???!!!

  5. James says

    Wah, I have to buy something in June. I would have liked to have gone for a 70D instead of a Rebel (60D is too old, esp. for video)…

    • Sage says

      People are still shooting video quite hapily with the 5D mkII and 7D … the 60D has video performance that’s about on-par with those two in addition to a few improvements … I don’t see how the 60D is “too old.”

      Don’t get a Rebel over a 60D for the sake of age, The T5i might not be too bad of a choice but the whole Rebel line suffers from really crappy build quality; they all feel like little plastic toys that will break at any moment.

  6. DonR says

    If this is correct I’ll be keeping my 60D. If I had needed the Weather Sealed Magnesium Alloy Construction I’d have gotten the 7D instead of the 60D. No mention of the number of AF points either but then it might also be July of 2014, 15, 16, Who knows.

  7. Eric says

    I’m getting very frustrated with Canon. I switched from Nikon in 2006 because Canon had a better lens lineup within my “prosumer” budget, and the 40D was a perfect fit. All I want now is a camera as rugged and feature-rich as my 40D, with an upgraded sensor to put me up to 2013-quality ISO and noise reduction. But Canon can’t seem to deliver that without forcing me up to 5D MkIII — too much for my budget.

    Any time now, people!

  8. David says

    Really? So the same old 18mp sensor sensor that has been in the T2i, T3i, T4i, EOS M, 60D, 7D since forever? Why bother? Same resolution, same crummy dynamic range (compared to Nikon and Sony sensors).

    Still waiting for improvement in read out noise that could enable higher score in Dynamic Range, Canon. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting….

  9. Shounak Lahiri says

    Canon is frustrating loyal customers. Also the lenses are almost twice as expensive as Nikon without any other quality than slightly better build quality. All in all canon is putting too much pressure on their goodwill. Had I not got stuck with two relatively new L series lenses would haveswitched to Nikon this moment. What a shame !!!

  10. Marco Faria says

    I’m a Canon guy. And like EVERY other Canon guys I’d like to see Canon models at least as good as Nikons. Don«t care about WiFi or GPS, that is not photography. I’d lije to see dinamic range, depth of colour, focusing systems, image quality. Not only in full frame but also in Crop sensors. What about Canon models as good (or better!!) as D800, D600 or D7100??

    • Savann says

      Grass is alway greener on other side of the street. Beside more magapixel, what is the Nikon D800 can do better than 5DIII? I have a friend who sold his 5DII and bought Nikon D800 said one of the worst decision he has ever made in his life, left focus is terrible, paint came off after 6 months of used. Nikon like to give more numbers than Canon does, please look at reviews in Amazon on how real users review their products, both Canon 5DIII and 6D beat Nikon D800 and D600 in customers satisfaction.

      Please don’t get me wrong, I own 5DII and D300 and I’m still happy with both, but Nikon seem to have trouble in quality control lately, D600 dust /oil sensor, d800 left focus problem and body paint.

    • Son of Earth says

      Please use spell check next time. Your credibility is degraded with such poor grammar and spelling.

      • Savann says

        Thank you, I’m not perfect and my english is poor. Please watch or check you morality

        • Richard says

          Don’t make apologies, excuses, and then lob ” morality ” judgement calls. English is the universal language of business, so work harder at it, take pride in your efforts, communicate at a level that illustrates not only your sincerity, but also your credibility and accept the constructive criticism for the value it gives. Yes, no one is perfect, but conveying your efforts is worth attempting to be.

  11. JynX says

    Agree been hearing for the past 6 months about the 7D mark2 coming and now not till nwxt year and now this one has been a rumor for months and months…..Canon has lost a lot of pizzazz BUT after you invest in good canon glass you kinda get stuck with canon. Wish they would wake up!!

  12. John Brown says

    Entry level ff? Wasn’t that what the 6D ? if the 7d even exist nex year, which i still have doubts, it will be the top dog copped sensor.

    My Predictions

    70D 7D

    Sensor 21 Meg 24 meg
    Chip Digic 6 Dual Digic 6
    New AF 11/19 Points 61 points
    Build 50D like 5d like
    Card SD Dual SD
    FPS 6 9
    VF 98% 100%
    MIDI yes Yes
    WiFi No Yes
    GPS No Yes
    Price $1,200 $1,500

  13. says

    it is coming in a few days … need to replace 60d …. best video ever please canon …. need for my film unit this semester :d and my blog

  14. Michael says

    70D spec is now firm. I own a 40D and for the sake of upgrading and gaining 1080 video I’m sticking with the 60D and putting the $500 difference to a L-series. No contest.