Timelapse and Videos of Moore, OK Tornado

The massive tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma yesterday left a wake of destruction in its path. The sheer vastness of the tornado is hard to comprehend.

The above timelapse video from NBC news shows a glimpse of the scale and destructive power of the tornado as it moved through Moore, Oklahoma during its 40-minute span on the ground.

For more looks at the tornado and its destructive power, check out the videos below.

My pal, Jimmy Beltz, over at PhotoTips.biz lives in Moore. I’m glad to hear that he and his family are fine. However, some of his close friends are without a home and all of their possessions now. Jimmy is trying to raise money to help them out. You can find out how to help them here on PhotoTips. There are a number of other organizations providing relief in the area through which you can also make general donations.

[Update: Below is a video from Jimmy Beltz with an update from his friends whose home was destroyed.]

[via PetaPixel]