Canon Releases ‘Video Camera X Series Look’ Picture Style

Canon Video Camera X Series Picture Style

Canon has developed a new Picture Style for EOS HDSLRs called the Video Camera X Series Look. The Picture Style is designed to mimic Canon’s X-series camcorders and offers lower saturation and contrast for more latitude when grading footage from your Canon 5D Mark III, 7D, 1D X and other EOS cameras.

This is an official Canon Picture Style, unlike the Technicolor CineStyle, which has otherwise met with Canon’s approval but is not an official Canon Picture Style.

The Video Camera X Series Look Picture Style can be downloaded from Canon’s website¬†and installs to your Canon DSLR via EOS Utility v. 2.6 or later.



  1. says

    Now what we all REALLY need is an Official firmware with the capability to shoot RAW video.

    Since that is already proven to be possible, Canon would increase sales on the 5D3 astronomically if they implement it officially and *well*.

    Are we dreaming? Maybe, but let’s hope Product Manager at Canon realizes the business potential behind this. Since RAW video requires huge data storage and transfer rate, it won’t hurt so much the much more ergonomically designed and featured rich EOS Cxxx line.