Pelican ProGear S130 Laptop/Camera Backpack Review

Pelican ProGear S130

The Pelican ProGear S130 is a tough new camera and laptop backpack that is design to protect your gear at all costs. I’ve been carrying the bag for a few weeks now and absolutely appreciate the no-shortcuts rugged design. While the bag isn’t for everyone, if you need a bag to protect your camera, lenses and laptop from the abuse of rough handling and harsh conditions, the ProGear S130 can certainly do the trick.

Everything about this bag is tough – there is no room for being flaky. Being a Pelican product, you expect as much.

Pelican ProGear S130

Pelican ProGear S130 hardshell laptop compartment

The laptop compartment is the most hardcore laptop compartment I have ever seen on any sort of camera bag. It is a completely hardshell enclosure that is watertight down to a meter for 30 minutes thanks to an O-ring gasket seal. It also has a pressure equalization valve on the laptop compartment to prevent vacuum lock.

Pelican ProGear S130

Pelican ProGear S130 robust carry handle

The carry handle at the top of the bag isn’t a flimsy piece of fabric that might someday rip. Instead, Pelican saw fit to put a hard plastic handle that hinges just like a carry handle of a standard Pelican hard-shell case.

Pelican ProGear S130

Pelican ProGear S130 camera compartment

The camera compartment at the bottom half of the ProGear S130 isn’t quite huge in terms of gear-carrying capacity. It is designed to handle a DSLR with a moderate-sized zoom lens attached, along with a few more small to mid-size lenses and accessories. However, there is sufficient room to fit a decent sized kit inside, including a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens if you detach it from the camera first.

Pelican ProGear S130-2

The upper compartment has plenty of room for random items you are carrying with you and can be expanded by removing the camera padding section at the bottom. Pelican also did right by including a small zippered pocked on the outside of the top flap with a weather resistant seal covering the zipper – good move. Above each side pouch, you have straps for attaching a tripod on whichever side you choose.

Pelican ProGear S130

The back padding and strap padding are thick and comfortable, which is a must for a bag that features a hardshell case. The ProGear 130 has a waist belt that will tuck away under the the lumbar padding when not in use. A chest strap, seen in the above image, helps to secure the bag when loaded heavy.

Nothing in the ProGear S130 seems like an afterthought. Pelican clearly did its homework before building this bag and delivered a solid, durable bag that can carry your gear on extreme outings.

Pelican ProGear S130 Laptop Camera Backpack

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  1. Cebep says

    3.24 kg for empty bag? Are you kidding me?
    Consider putting there your gear and laptop and there you go with 15kg backpack