Fotodiox’s New LED100WA are Strobe-Style LED Lights

Fotodiox LED100WA

Fotodiox just rolled out a new pair of lights – the LED100WA. While they look like strobes, these are actually continuous LED lights available in either 3200K or 5600K color temperatures.

LED100WA Diagram

The LED100WA lights offer a 600 watt incandescent equivalent (dimmable from 0-100%) and  are equipped with a standard Bowens (S) bayonet mount for using standard strobe accessories like softboxes, snoots and grids. Thanks to the LED design, these lights give off practically zero heat and are suitable for both video and photo lighting.

The Fotodiox LED100WA lights retail for $324.95 each. You can find them via the following links at

Fotodiox LED100WA-56 (5600K temp)

Fotodiox LED100WA-32 (3200K temp)