Hasselblad Lunar Early Impressions are Underwhelming

Hasselblad Lunar

The Hasselblad Lunar really had a very slim chance for a positive reception in any respect thanks to the absurd price points that are expected to be north of $5,000.

Photographer Brad Morris went hands-on with the camera in Hong Kong and shared his not-so-flattering impressions of the Sony NEX-7 pricey clone:

The first thing that strikes you when looking at the Hassy is the funky shape of the wooden grip and the dials and buttons. The next thing that strikes you is that, in spite of the camera top plate being metal, the finish on both the top plate and the buttons works really hard at giving the impression that they are cheap plastic. The texture is visually similar to the plastic used in the low-end Canon Rebel SLRs.

The kit lens is the standard Sony 18-55mm lens with “Hasselblad” stenciled on the barrel. Image quality and lens performance should be identical to the NEX-7. The LED and VF are the same as the NEX-7 however there is a large eyecup now installed on the viewfinder that is not on the NEX unit.

About the only good things he pointed out were carryovers from the Sony NEX-7. Check out the.me for the full story from Brad.

I don’t think this report should come as a complete shock to anyone; however, I am a bit surprised that the camera’s components have such a cheap plastic feel. The one thing that was supposed to distinguish the Hasselblad Lunar was the materials on the camera body.

Based on this initial report, it seems like the only redeeming value of the camera might be the Hasselblad name. At this point, however, that might be a point of mockery as well.

[via Photo Rumors]



  1. says

    This is a beautifully designed camera , with good heritage from Hasselblad/Sony ,it reminds me of a Pagini Huyara in design , Of course the Nerds are going to say too expensive and odd shape but they use Canon’s & Drive Hyundias . I have ordered a Titanium/Carbon Fibre to match my F430 :-) …

    • Alvaro Serpa says

      Where from did you came?… Are you an outstanding photographer, by using Hassel and driving Rolls? Surely not… Men who work with them are much more important then cameras themselves. Did you know that?…

  2. Giancarlo Benigni says

    You, probably, would like to say PAGANI HUAYRA… But, as you shoud know, (but don’t) to be a pedantic doesn’t mean to be a “connaisseur”…

  3. Jean François-Lartigue says

    Ferrari and Hasselblad?… Such an odd and proletarian combination!