Canon PowerShot w/ Big Sensor Coming This Summer?

Canon G1X

New rumors of another attempt at a large-sensor PowerShot model have surfaced. While the Canon G1X was somewhat impressive, its beefy size and lackluster optics left a lot to be desired. According to the rumor mill, the upcoming camera won’t be a G1X successor.

These latest rumors suggest that Canon will bring another point and shoot model with a bigger sensor this summer. Rumors suggest the camera will be more along the lines fo the PowerShot S110 with a fast, short zoom lens and a 18MP APS-C sensor that is paired with a DIGIC 6 processor.

[via CR]



  1. Don DeCoursey says

    You are a little late with the Canon G 15. I’ve had one for two weeks, it’s a great camera. The biggest complaint is no articulating screen. Never had one, don’t need one, don’t miss one.