Kessler Parallax Auto-Pans Your Slider Shots

Kessler Parallax

Kessler is showing off a new auto-pan head, the Kessler Parallax, that works in conjunction with Kessler sliders to automatically pan on a subject throughout the slider movement.

The brilliance of the Kessler Parallax is that it achieves this movement without a motor to drive the head. Additionally, it can pan either inward (on a static subject) or outward (for a panoramic effect).

There are no precision measurements required to set up the shot, unlike the new One Man Crew from Red Rock Micro. As seen in the demo video, you center the camera with the subject in the frame and lock it down. Then, you are good to go.

The Kessler Parallax is compatible with traveler and standard length Pocket Dolly v2.0 BASIC, Pocket Dolly v2.0, Stealth & Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly as well as the traveler, 3′ and 5′ CineSlider.

It will retail for $399.95 and should be available mid- to late-Summer.

[via Kessler]



  1. Danny Grizzle says

    Awesome! No wonder they discontinued the Kessler Turntable…

    The real brilliance here is the mechanical move (no motors, no controller) and the quick and easy shot setup (no calculations).

    Let’s just hope that case for transporting the device and rigging time on location are equally well thought out.