Elixxier set.a.light 3D Studio Software Lets You Simulate On-Set Lighting


Elixxier’s 3D lighting simulator, set.a.light 3D Studio, looks like a rather slick pre-production tool for photo shoots. Inside the application, you can select lighting equipment and simulate your next shoot before ever setting up a piece of gear.

The program lets you create a set based on the space you have available and build your set inside those specific dimensions. There are various types of lights and modifiers from which to choose. You can even plug in male or female models in a variety of poses to demo your light placements and modifiers.

Once you have your set the way you want it, you can export a set plan that you’ll base your real-world setup on.

If you want to see how the software’s interface and features work, check out the video below. (While it is in German, you can still see how it works.)

Elixxier set.a.light 3D Studio retails for €140 (or roughly $184 USD). There is a free 15-day trial available as well. More details here on Elixxier’s website.

[via PetaPixel]