Adobe Shows Off Raw Processing in Early Build of Lightroom for iPad

Adobe Lightroom for iPad

Lightroom product manager┬áTom Hogarty showed off raw image processing on an iPad on Scott Kelby’s ‘The Grid‘. The winks and nods during the discussion of the app’s features point to Lightroom for the iPad, which seemingly extends beyond just raw processing and also permits you to organize your library.

While they don’t show off the organization features in the early-build of the app, it appears that it will rely heavily on a cloud connection in order to sync the Lightroom library across devices. Check out the video below (the iPad Lightroom talk kicks off around 19mins).

For those who don’t have time to watch the video, they also discussed whether they are loading full-res raw files or the new Smart Previews introduced in Lightroom 5. It appears that either will be possible and would likely include some kind of cloud sync integration, as suggested above.

After teasing these few features, they moved on to the subject of pricing – and specifically, Adobe Creative Cloud and other subscription options. While I’ve been a Creative Cloud user since day one, I know that there are a lot of readers who are strongly against a subscription pricing model or feel that the current Creative Cloud price is too high. With that in mind, Tom Hogarty invited users to hit him up on his Twitter account with pricing and other feedback concerning Lightroom and the cloud.

There is no availability date set for the new app. And, pricing is still up in the air according to Hogarty.