Hasselblad 503CW Production Ends; V System is Dead


Hasselblad has announced that the V System has reach the end of the line and the last 503CW medium format camera has rolled of the production line.

Going forward, Hasselblad will focus on the H System for medium format capture; however, the company made no announcement concerning the upcoming Lunar camera, which is based off the Sony NEX system, noting only, “Additionally we are focusing on new products for advanced enthusiasts.”



  1. somantaba says

    World WarII Heros “503CW & VW Beetle”
    Superb Design Nobody did ever design come near it.
    It will make a comeback one day.
    I will miss you 503CW

  2. Roberto says

    Who needs the 60 Mpx of the H4D-60 Medium Format DSLR Camera???
    Who will pay US$ 34000 for the “super” H System focused by Hasselblad.
    U$ 3000 you get the fabulous Nikon D800 with extra 36Mpx (more than enough)!
    All my life I worked with Hassel 500CM / 120 film, marvelous system, but the upgrade for the digital Hasselblad is insane!

  3. says

    I love My Blad stuff——-everything including “linear mirror” and bellows stuff—120 backs 220 and 70 mm;but, all these things were backwards compatable—the “H” bullshit, went over the edge and I went back to My 1960’s Nikon–incl. My D-700 equipment.

  4. Rodolfo Lema says

    I´m a happy owner of hasselblad V system, and still is very difficult to surpass a good slide well scanned compared with any digital system. I´m sure there is no place for “medium format digital”, the possibilities of a Nikon D-800 (or the next Canon), the variety of lenses we have for these cameras have no comparation with the Hasselblad (Fuji ?) system. This is perhaps the end of another great name (Rolleiflex, Contax…).