We Have a New Logo!

Photography Bay Logo

Just wanted to drop a line for folks who read updates via RSS, Facebook and such that we have a new logo. I appreciate the feedback we received from those who participated in the poll as we were working through designs. You guys definitely had a big hand in what we went with as the final design choice.

I’m very happy with the final result and I’m also sorry that everyone had to put up with that ugly red logo for so many years! Thanks for sticking around despite that design. ;)

I am still in the processing of making universal changes for everything our branding touches, but I just wanted to put this post out there so folks who don’t necessarily come to the site everyday would have a heads up on the new logo and colors.



  1. TimR says

    congrats on the new logo it looks great :-) by the way, I never really noticed your old logo.. now that you got a new one, its bound to catch a few eyes your way ;)

  2. Jack says

    Sorry, but I can’t let this go. It looks like the bowls of your Ps are trimmed. And you have to fix the kerning between the T and O, and the A and Y. It’s just horrible typography.