Hidden Camera Shows How Mail Gets ‘From A to B…’


Have you ever wondered the path that a pack takes after you mail it? All the vehicles on which it travels and hands that touch it?

Ruben van der Vleuten, Industrial and Interaction designer, put a hidden camera in a package to capture its journey, which you can see the below video.

The camera was set to capture 3 seconds of video every minute and to take longer shots while the box was moving.


[Ruben van der Vleuten via Slashgear]



  1. HamburgerJones says

    I never expected it to be put on a truck and then delivered… fascinating. :-) That was an exceptionally clever camera set-up though. Kudos for your creativity and tech skills!

  2. Snaketail says

    To say “cool” seems shallow. So I will try something different… Educational, informational, entertaining, and I wonder how many times that had to invert the image to view it in correct orientation. Very cool – I should have said “Very good use of creative skills and talents.”