RED is Building 6K Dragon Cameras Live at NAB in a Custom-Built Clean Room

Red Dragon Upgrade

In what is probably the wildest thing I have seen thus far at NAB 2013, RED has built a ridiculous clean room for its engineers to perform Dragon camera builds on the show floor – complete with windows for spectators to watch the magic happen.

Red Dragon Upgrade-4

For a little background, EPIC and SCARLET owners also have the option to upgrade their cameras’ sensors to the 6K Dragon sensor for around $10k. The upgrade program has finally begun with quite the spectacle here at NAB 2013. The EPIC-M Dragon starts at $29k.

Check out the rest of the images below for a closer look at this impressive process.

Red Dragon Upgrade-2

In the series below, you can see the process of laser engraving that happens in front of the huge crowd gathered outside the “clean room.”

Red Dragon Upgrade-7

Red Dragon Upgrade-8

Red Dragon Upgrade-9

Red Dragon Upgrade-10

Red Dragon Upgrade-11

Red Dragon Upgrade-5

And finally, here’s a wider look at the crowd gathered to watch the Dragon upgrades.

Red Dragon Upgrade-12