1. Mr Kotku says

    Lots of d600 refurbs. My local camera shop said they had to send there first 6 D600’S back as initial defective because the view finder ground glass was so far off from what the sensor saw it was unusable. They said the refubs they have been getting have the same problem. Autofocus and live view good but don’t even think of manual focus unless you use the little rangefinder dots in the bottom left. Every one with a D600 please test the focus 1. on manual, 2. AF, and
    3. Live view. and report back. I am curious how many have the same problem.

  2. sk says

    My info is that the refurbs are also the camera’s with oil/dust on sensor issues. Appearently Nikon only does a wet clean of sensor (does not replace sensor as some rumors indicate) & then sell them off again. Appearently there are so many of these that they can be sold en masse to wholesalers/large retailers. & there is no way for Adorama, B & H, etc. to know (they can ask some questions but basically have to trust Nikon just like the rest of us) so I don’t really hold them accountable for Nikon’s practice.

    Used to be a DSLR that was refurbished by the manufacturer was as good & some times better, in the sense that all the bugs are worked out/fixed, but no longer. Nikon seems intent on doing the extreme minimal amount of work necessary, if any at all, and getting the product off their workspaces & back into the market.

    The thought of folks spending 1,500-2,000 US on a camera that Nikon knows is substandard just makes me ill.

  3. Yoga says


    I need some advice in buying Nikon D600. Currently I am having Canon 50D and have a plan to go for Nikon D600. With the above comments can some expert could advice me whether buying D600 is worthwhile

    • sk says

      Yoga, Although some shops & pro’s claim the percentage of D600’s suffering from all the quality control issues Nikon is having is small, the two camera shops I frequent say its somewhere between 1 in 4 & 1 in 3 that have to be returned. I personally think that 25-35% is way too risky for a $2000 camera. If you’re dead set on a D600/FF camera, you may want to wait to take the plunge until word comes out that Nikon got the problems under control. No telling when that will be though. If you’re set on switching, you may want to consider sticking with a crop sensor for another round & letting the market figure this out. If you decide on crop sensor, you may want to give the D7100 just a little more time to see if any QC issues come up with it. Perhaps you could rent one for a couple days and see if you are satisfied? The little I shot with the 7100 (2 days), I loved it & it significantly out produced both of my Canon back ups (60D & T2i).

      PS: Lately Nikon has been out producing Canon (remember I’m a Canon user) spec wise but if Nikon’s camera continue to have these problems right out box (I wonder what they’ll be like after 20,000-30,000 shots?) then the specs really don’t matter. And just something to think about if you’re set on FF, have you thought sticking with Canon & trying a 5D2? That’s still my primary camera & as long as I’m not shooting action shots (I’m mostly portraits/group shots & landscape) it is still one of the best camera’s IQ wise that I’ve ever shot with. But regardless, good luck with you decision & take care! sk

  4. Stan says

    Nikon had immense new lens quality control problems a few years ago, eventually corrected. I have several friends who bought new ( not refurb) D800’s from the major NYC dealers, and had to return them almost upon arrival for obvious problems which should have been detected with a final performance test. One returned D800 body had to be sent back again, when other problems showed up. The superb D800 and only slightly less D600 bodies are useless if Nikon cannot deliver the orignally designed performance. Who knows when Nikon will commit the $$ to correcting the prblems.