MōVI Revolutionizes Handheld Video Stabilization


Vincent Laforet took the wraps off of the new MōVI M10 digital 3-axis gyro-stabilized handheld camera gimbal yesterday. The new unit has the potential to serve as a substitute for virtually every form of camera stabilization on the market today – including Steadicams, sliders, jibs and dollies.

Movi M10

The MōVI M10 will retail for $15k and should support a DSLR rig or a bare bones RED Epic. Based on the price, it is clear that this is not targeted toward amateur filmmakers, but should be a boon for both indie and higher-end filmmakers given its capabilities.

A smaller, M5 version is said to be in the works for smaller HDSLR kits. Additionally, a larger M20 version is in development for full-on RED Epic and ARRI Alexa outfitted rigs.

Check out Vincent Laforet’s MōVI short and BTS video below.

Lots more details on Vincent Laforet’s blog.



  1. Mark S. says

    It’s still HAND held. The whole idea behind the Steadicam is to use the mecanical arm to hold the camera. With the Movi, you are still holding the camera in your hands. So, if you are doing a long take, your arms will still get tired. With a Steadicam you have steady shots, take after take.

    It’s an interesting tool, but it will not replace the Steadicam.