CustomSLR C-Loop Review


CustomSLR’s C-Loop is an alterative camera strap attachment solution to the traditional top mounted camera strap loops that are located on each top side of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Instead, the C-Loop attaches to the bottom of the camera in the tripod mount that is found on virtually every camera.

CustomSLR C-Loop

CustomSLR sent a C-Loop to try out a few months back and I have not used a traditional camera strap attachment since. Carrying a DSLR with a lens attached is just a more natural feel when the strap is anchored to the bottom of the camera.

The C-Loop swivels 360° so there is no worry about your strap getting tangled or twisted even if your camera happens to spin around as you move it from shoulder to shoulder. Additionally, it is a big plus for me that the strap does not dangle along the grip – as is the case with the traditional strap mounts at the top and sides of DSLRs. When you lift the camera from your hip or stomach, the strap remains below the camera and out of the way.

CustomSLR C-Loop

Below is a short video from CustomSLR’s creator showing the C-Loop in action.

Another huge benefit for me is the ability to quickly take the camera strap off of the camera. It just requires a few quick turns to attach or detach the camera from the tripod mount and the strap is on or off. This also makes it handy for switching straps between cameras – something that I do quite often. Now, I can take my favorite strap on my camera with only a few seconds required to remove it from another camera – seriously, it only takes about 5 seconds to take it off.

I have had no worries about the C-Loop loosening from my cameras while in use. It has a rubber washer that goes between the metal components of the C-Loop and the camera body. This washer lets you get the C-Loop very tight while appearing to also offer enough friction to prevent the C-Loop from loosening over time.

CustomSLR C-Loop

You may look at the $40 price tag and think that’s a bit much for a little piece of metal that swivels, but I’m sold on C-Loop and highly recommend it for DSLR shooters. If you are toting your DSLR with you and still using the traditional strap-mount points, the C-Loop will make carrying your camera a much more pleasant experience.

You can find the C-Loop on CustomSLR’s website and here at B&H Photo (also in black).



    • Alex B says

      The Black Rapid is cheaper, but not a better design IMO. I much prefer the Custom SLR unit especially paired with one of their straps.

  1. Philip Arthur says

    I backed the C-Loop when it was on Kiskstarter and I have to say that it’s one of the best camera accessories out there. However it really is a waste to get just the loop without the strap that Custom SLR sells. Attaching the C-Loop to a regular camera strap just doesn’t do it justice.

    The Black Rapid is another alternative and I’d suggest people look at them both online and see which would suit their individual taste more. For me it has been the Custom SLR setup as it’s just more comfortable and convenient for me.

  2. Bipin B. Gupta says

    The C-loop is a very very bad idea. Too much load is concentrated on the very small tripod screw. A camera with a 300 mm f2.8 lens has plenty of weight. And the dynamic load on the thin tripod screw can be 2.5 to 3 times the static camera + lens load. I have seen the entire tripod mount wrenched out together with the bottom plate.
    The Pro Photographer has nothing to loose as he sells his gear every 2-years to buy the latest new camera.
    I am a Manufacturing Engineer with (40) years of expertise behind me and retired only recently as an Advisor from the world’s largest conglomerate. I am also a camera enthusiast.
    I am willing to show how a C-loop on a Pro DSLR Body with a medium tele lens can damage the tripod mount under dynamic load conditions.