Canon 70D Due in April; We Do Some Specification Speculation

Canon 70D Rumors

While previous rumors pointed a March announcement of the Canon 70D, the new Rebel T5i and Rebel SL1 will apparently stand alone as the March Canon announcements. New rumors, however, point to an April announcement for the Canon 70D.

Previous rumors suggested that the Canon 70D would feature a 24MP APS-C sensor and a build quality closer to that of the Canon 50D (i.e., not as small and plastic-feeling as the Canon 60D). However, new rumors point to the presence of the same 18MP sensor as found in the Rebel T5i.

Additional specs should include the new DIGIC 6 image processor, which is also found in the new SX280 HS (The T5i and SL1 both feature a DIGIC 5 processor). Taking a look at what the Rebel T5i offers and should be able to further deduce some of the key specs as follows:

  • 6-7fps frame rate (T5i is 5fps; 60D is 5.3fps; 50d was 6.3fps)
  • 1080p HD video capture (The question is will Canon do anything to “separate” this functionality at this level from the Rebel line other than a mic output. Will we ever see a headphone output on a low-end Canon HDSLR?)
  • ISO 100-25600 (maybe even a stop or more further in either direction)
  • Magnesium alloy frame (back to the 50D standards)
  • Capacitive touch screen? (The EOS M was the first. Now, the SL1 and T5i have this. It is very responsive on the EOS M and should be a standard going forward, unless Canon still thinks touch screens are “entry-level”.)
  • New Creative Filters with live preview (Some editing are already available with these in the 60D, and Canon seems to be pushing them hard in the new Rebels. Expect the trend to continue.)

What do you expect (or want) to see in the new Canon 70D?

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  1. Alan says

    “New Creative Filters with live preview (Some editing are already available with these in the 60D, and Canon seems to be pushing them hard in the new Rebels. Expect the trend to continue.)”
    Come on, who uses them? People that shoot snapshots? 15 year old girls? There are cameras for them already, called point & shoots. Especially more advanced ones are actually better in terms of usefulness for those people, because of built in zoom they have, of functions they offer,size.
    And i don’t really think there should be a replacement for 60D, sure there will be one. But 60D has pretty much everything you would want from such level camera. Maybe a bit better build quality and a new sensor, not that 09’s sensor of 7D.. Also speaking of 7D, hopefully there will be a 7d2, because back in the day it was a great camera, targeted at pros. It should be again, with autofocus system from 1DX, why? 1dx is pretty much year old, nikon d7100 has autofocus from D4, so why not canon? Of course new sensor that will be in 700D, hopefully. And maybe few new buttons here and there, or maybe even faster framerate? Which was fast enough for everything already. Just my ideas.
    So far i don’t have sympathy neither for nikon, neither for canon and their new cameras that they coming out each month. I am nikon shooter, but D7100 is just minor upgrade from D7000, not something like D200 to D300. These two new canons are pretty much what we saw last year, just few fixes here and there costing same like they did last year.
    Are there any cameras due to replacement? Aside from 7D and 700D? If no then this year will be boring for cameras market. Personally for me new sensor is not enough of an upgrade, to pay same price for features we had last year just with new sensor. Probably that’s why some people skip few generations before going for replacement.

    • Dan says

      Alan, I have the D7100 as well as the Canon 7D, Canon 5D3, and I used to own the 60D. I will say that the D7100 is way better than the D7000 in a ton of ways…and the price was not inflated. $1200 is nothing for what you get with the D7000. It is better in many ways than the Canon 7D and Canon is still charging $200 more for a 3-4 year old camera. The Nikon D600 (had it for a month) bested the Canon 6D (rented it for a week to test it) too. Canon needs to bring its A game with a 70D to compete with the D7100. Just look at the results from the D7100:

  2. Drew Miller says

    I could be wrong, but wasn’t the T4i the first canon camera to receive a capacitive touch screen?

  3. Eric Eikenberry says

    The D7100 is ridiculously better than the D7000. I use a D300. Bought a D7000, tried it, basically like it but the one I had an AF issue in AF-A and the image quality wasn’t a huge jump over the D300. The higher ISO settings were though, so the D7100 had me piqued. Bought it, got it this week, and the image quality is night and day difference from the D300. I don’t still have the D7000 but have some photos I shot with it on cards, and I will reshoot my car in the same exact location as what I did with the D7000 and will compare. The preliminary though is “Wow, what clarity!”, and I’m not even into using RAW files yet. Still playing with straight from the camera JPGs.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled Canon discussion. LOL

  4. says

    With all of the cameras having become such excellent digital devices, I think we should all be of the expectation now that each release will be an evolutionary release, not a revolutionary one. The revolutionary releases are behind us as the tech was growing so fast to where we are today (think where we were 10 years ago and how much better the gear could have been back then, which is what happened … it grew quickly).

    There still may be the odd revolutionary release … but keeping of the mindset that it will be rare will allow a more realistic expectation of what the very competitive manufactures are creating.

  5. Nogger White says

    I’m might buy a “70D” if it only gets the same specs as the 60D, but gets some things fixed:

    – Much quicker AF (in LiveView/movies)
    – New, less noisy sensor (18 MP is still more than enough though).
    – GPS, WiFi, at least as available options. Come on, Canon, it’s stuff that’s been included in $100 smartphones for years!

    Otherwise I’ll just have to wait with my purchase until Nikon makes a DSLR with a tilt-swivel screen, or until Sony fix their noisy SLT sensors.

    Touchscreen? Meh. As long as it tilts and swivels, I couldn’t care less.

  6. Satya says

    I am waiting for 70D as well, and was disappointed with the new entry-level announcements. I agree with specs by Eric Reagan and Nogger White. New 70D need not do anything ground-breaking. It just has to pull together features already available across other models. Then keep a smart distance from 7D-M-II for marketing reasons. I expect partial metal body, 6fps, better sensor in terms of DR, keep the articulating screen with upgraded touchscreen, C1, C2, C3 on the dial and 360 degree rotation (like new T5i), built-in Wi-Fi and dual card slots. I don’t need built-in GPS but have seen other people use/like that feature. Bundle it with 18-135 STM as kit lens for starters. Price it well against D7100. That will keep Canon in the game until they produce a better 6D for upgrade!!

    A word about resolution. 18MP is plenty on APS-C for me but I need improvement in DR. All of Canon’s 18MP sensors have scored very similar, which is discouraging. There has to be improvement in 4 years since 18MP was introduced. I also would like the OLP filter to be removed (Pentax did it on 16MP!) but I don’t expect Canon to be that bold.

    7D-M-II on the other hand should have 8 to 9 fps, dual processors, full metal body, no articulating screen and no built-in flash either, etc., much like APS-C version of 5D-M-III. This version could use an upgrade on resolution. That will also establish a trend of Canon introducing a new hi-res sensor with 7D series as it did 4 years ago. May be, they should get rid of OLP on this one for sure. Same 18 MP as current model will kill the potential market.


  7. James says

    What do you I want to see in the new Canon 70D? Finally a sensor that’s not 2.5 f stops behind the dynamic range of Nikon’s!

  8. northerner says

    I own a 60D; I got it about 6 months after its initial release date. The features of the 60D were, at the time, a nice step up from a Rebel, without shelling out a lot more money. To convince potential buyers to purchase a 70D instead of a T5i (or T4i or T3i or SL1), the 60D must obviously be a step above.

    I strongly agree with some points made by others here. The 18MP sensor that was released with the 7D and then appeared in the 60D and other Canons, is long due for a full replacement. I feel that the current 18MP sensor has been around so long, that it would not matter to me what else Canon included in a 70D, unless there is a new and considerably improved sensor, I would have no interest in buying it. It has been argued that 18MP is enough for an APS-C sensor, but I believe that a small increase to 20 or 21 MP is justified by now, and that this could be done while also improving dynamic range and improving low noise performance, which are even more important. It seems to me that Canon is starting to seriously lag its competitors in sensor development, and unless they address this in the 70D, the 70D will not succeed (and indeed, it may signal a bigger slide in Canon’s DSLR market share).

    Other features I’d like to see: additional Custom settings on the dial; having only one on the 60D was pretty stingy. The processor must be Digic 6, and along with that, have a faster burst rate (maybe 7 FPS) without having the buffer fill too quickly. An improved focusing system, with either more cross points or better low-light focusing or both would be attractive. On the subject of focusing, the live view focusing needs a major speed boost. If doing so will also benefit videographers, then all the better. Canon’s investment in development of STM lenses will bear some fruit for them and for videographers when they develop a camera body that can provide appropriately quick live view and continuous video focusing. The T4i (and now the T5i) was a step in that direction, but not nearly a big enough step. Unfortunately, I fear that the 70D may be no better.

    As for GPS and WiFi, they are not big priorities for me, but I agree that Canon may need to include these to keep the 70D up with current technology. GPS would be a bigger benefit to me, but neither of them are that important to me. Keep the swivel screen: it is useful at times for stills, and maybe more so for video. I think a touch screen is almost a must, and is not out of character for an xxD model, which tries to bridge the gap between casual and “serious” (pro and semi-pro) photographers.

    While a metal or part-metal body would be a nice upgrade, that would not be as important to me as the performance improvements I’ve listed. I’m just speaking for myself here, since I have heard many others express a strong desire to get back to a metal body. As for “creative filters”, I have little or no interest. I think these gadgets are more aimed at snapshooters. Those who purchase an xxD Canon are more likely to be shooting raw and doing their own post-processing, and not as likely to care much about these filters.

    If all this can be done without making the price too big of a jump up from a T5i, then the 70D will sell and will make many photographers happy, in my opinion. If Canon does not upgrade key features such as the sensor, the focusing points and focusing speed, and the burst rate, then it may be a white elephant.

    To differentiate a the 7D Mark II from the 70D, I could see the 7D II having an even higher burst rate (and longer continuous shooting), dual Digic 6 processors, dual card slots, a shutter rated for 50 – 100% more shots, a bigger viewfinder (as it has now), more solid and heavier construction (as it has now), more C settings on the dial, and possibly a more advanced focusing system. I would see the 7D Mark II having the same new and improved (hopefully) sensor as the 70D.

  9. stwve says

    Canon best stick to pro sports cams and gimmicky point & shoots and leave the quality stuff to NIKON, ie d7100, I mean canon aint even bettered the d7000 or 5200 yet

  10. Scott says

    Like many other users, I think 18MP is enough MP for me, but it would be nice to see a new sensor that pushes the ISO levels up at least one full stop (example: same noise at ISO 6400 that 60D has at ISO 3200).

    I really want the 70D to have built-in GPS. Given that the SX280 with the new DIGIC 6 can manage to squeeze in the GPS and WIFI features into a camera under $350, I don’t see why these features can’t make it into this APS-C DSLRs with a price tag over $1000. It seems odd to have such a gap in WiFi/GPS capability between the low-cost PNS cameras and the 6D full frame DSLR, and this is one place where a little investment would make the 70D a worthy upgrade for those who would take advantage of these features.

    At a minimum, I would hope the 70D would be able to get as much from STM lenses for LiveView and video as the tXi series does now, and an improvement in LiveView/video focus would be a way to differentiate this camera from the tXi series.

  11. Professor M. Butler says

    I’m extremely disappointed in Canon, and I was expecting to see a 24MP Canon T5i and a 24MP Canon 70D, both with a 24MP APS-C sensor and new high-end next generation DIGIC image processor.

    Canon is just releasing the same 4+ year old crap, and I’ve given up on Canon. I’ve used Canon for decades, but during the past 3 years, I bought a new Nikon, and I can’t believe how far behind (and how overpriced) Canon is right now.

    The Nikon D7100 24MP camera with WU-1a Wireless WiFi module, and with Android and Apple iPad/iPhone apps that you can use to control the Nikon camera, it seems that Nikon is lightyears ahead of Canon right now.

    I was hoping to see something decent (and revolutionary) or at least hoping to see Canon catch up to Nikon’s 7100, but Canon is way too far behind and they are nothing but overpriced 4 year old garbage and they don’t hold a candle to Nikon’s latest camera line up.

    I used to love Canon, but I agree with the original poster, and I have to say I’m done with Canon. I was hoping to see something amazing come out of Canon this year, but I’ve come to realize that Canon thinks they are way too big to fail, but they’re collapsing. They can’t keep up with Nikon, and it could take several years, maybe even a decade or two (at this rate) for Canon to even come close to catching up, but in all honesty I don’t think Canon will ever catch up to Nikon and Canon will simply push out old generation overpriced garbage. Unless Canon lowers their prices 50% to 75% (just to keep up with Nikon’s older generation cameras) but you can’t try and price an old generation Canon up against a new generation Nikon (at nearly the same price) and expect anyone to buy a Canon.

    It’s time to wake up, smell the coffee, and get a Nikon!

    Canon still can’t even figure out how to add WiFi or GPS to their SLR lineup, and Canon should have had a 24MP sensor in both the Canon T5i and Canon 70D this year, just to keep pace with Nikon, but Canon is all washed up.

    They are way overpriced, and generations behind Nikon when it comes to quality, features and price. You’ll never see an Android or iPhone App or WiFi or GPS coming out of Canon anytime soon.

    The engineers at Canon are not innovators. They don’t think ahead, they are still stuck in the old dinosaur days. If I’m going to spend money to upgrade my camera, I want to see a major jump in sensor, as well as features. I just haven’t seen that coming out of Canon, and therefore I had to finally buy a Nikon.

    Canon would need to do something really spectacular in order for me to even consider buying another Canon, but at this point Canon can’t even catch up to Nikon, or produce anything other than 4+ year old overpriced crap.

  12. Professor M. Butler says

    As it stands, Nikon has scored the second highest score of all-time with the Nikon D7100, and Canon is lightyears behind Nikon, and the Canon T5i is a slap-in-the-face since it is nothing but a rebadged T4i, with an overpriced price tag.

    Canon is way long overdue for a complete overhaul of their product line, and I was expecting to see 24MP sensors standard on ALL Canon SLR cameras in 2013, just like Nikon has done.

    It doesn’t make sense to get a Canon anymore, and I highly doubt that Canon will catch up to Nikon in features, or 24MP sensor anytime soon.

    Canon is just way too far behind, and I wouldn’t suggest or recommend that anyone wastes any money on a 2013 Canon camera model. Either buy a 2012 T4i (at a discounted price) or just buy a 2013 Nikon model, and jump ship on Canon all together.

    I was really hoping to see something spectacular come out of Canon this spring, and was hoping to see a 24MP Canon 5Ti with 51-point AF, and a 24MP Canon 70D with 51-point AF like the Nikon 7100.

    I was expecting to see integrated WiFi and integrated GPS in both the Canon 5Ti and Canon 70D this year, but again Canon is just way behind when it comes to technology and features. They are still living in the dark/dinosaur ages and it will probably take Canon a decade before they even catch up to Nikon in features, and have the ability to use an iPad or Android device as a “remote view” display.

    Canon is just releasing the same old 4 year old crap, year after year, and buying a new Canon is a complete waste of money. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned dollars, I would suggest getting a new 24MP D7100 and just forget about Canon.

  13. mikedidi says

    I own a 60D and love the feel and the size. I have taken it all over the world and into the harsh weather of a winter Europe. I would love to see a better Video for the new camera, but if the changes are not going to be significant, I will look into a 6D and go FF.

  14. dick ranez says

    I’m not sure what Canon could release as a 70D that would make me replace my new Fuji
    XPro and two simple lenses. Back to photography without gimmickry.