Smaller Canon Rebel DSLR Coming Soon?

Canon DSLR Rumors

Canon has been rumored to be developing a new DSLR line that offers and even smaller body than the current Rebel series. Whether they will continue using the “Rebel” name for this smaller DSLR series is an unknown. Rumored specs for the new camera include the same APS-C 18MP sensor as found in the Canon Rebel T4i and EOS M (it’s really a great sensor with solid image quality coming out of it).

Additional rumored specs below.

  • 18MP sensor (same sensor featured on the EOS M and EOS 650D)
  • DIGIC 5
  • Touchscreen similar to the EOS M
  • 9 focusing points
  • A new hybrid CMOS auto-focus
  • 98% viewfinder
  • 6fps
  • ISO up to 25,600
  • EF and EF-S lens support
  • HD video

No word though on whether it will appear alongside the Canon 70D‘s expected announcement next week.

[via CR and CW]



  1. sk says

    I’ve been thinking for a while that they’ll go smaller for the rebel line. Mainly since mass consumer appeal is such a big issue for the line & that market seems to want smaller-smaller-smaller. I was thinking something a little smaller than the T3. & honestly, I don’t mind. I use a rebel as my point & shoot & a little bit smaller would be fine with me.

    I know most of you are sure this will be a T5i & you’re probably right. But what does everyone think the odds are that this will be a T5 (to replace the T3)? Looking at the specs I agree that it doesn’t seem likely. But if they push the specs up to this level it would really compete against the D3200.

    Of course, that would have to push the T5i to what? And then the 70D specs would demand a $1500 price tag.

    Still, I guess we’ll know more if the 70D is announced later this month & we have a clearer idea how Canon is slotting their new lines. I’m just thinking that if they really do plan on pushing the 7D2 to be a 2000-2500 TOP SHELF crop sensor camera, there’s a good bit of room left to expand into. As long as Canon thinks there’s money to had in that area.

    Don’t laugh, but if these specs are accurate I’ll probably pick one up (T5i/T5/or whateva) once its on the refurbished list & goes on sale. Or when it hits the CLP program. I’m still happy shooting casual stuff with a T2i (you wouldn’t believe how cheap it was) but it would be nice to have a better viewfinder, touch screen, etc. even if they use the same old sensor. Again.

  2. dick ranez says

    A “small” DLSR to compete the the m4/3, nex, etc. crowd in the sub-$500 range. The M sure isn’t going to do it. The EFs lenses compete pricewise, image wise and durability wise, so a small body which could used them would make sense. Shrink the Rebel? It was sort of done with the IX line of APS cameras and the electronics take less space than the film path and motor. Probably keep the Rebel in the $750 price range, the XXD at the $1200 price point,
    the 7DII and the 6D at $2000, the 5DmIII at $3000 and the 1Dx at $5ooo and a new 30 meg
    plus 2Ds at $7000.

  3. Sorin says

    A step forward in my opinion is to have a greater sensor size, I mean an APS-H, inside the Rebel’s and 70D’s body. I think this would be much appreciated.