Rumored Firmware Update for Canon 6D to Add Autofocus at f/8

Canon 6D

Recent rumors point to the possibility of a firmware update for the full frame Canon 6D. As the junior full frame shooter in Canon’s line-up, the 6D offers a lot of camera for a relatively affordable price point (it’s under $1800 at the moment).

However, there are plenty of things that users looking to move up to full frame are missing – such as the headphone jack found in the 5D Mark III and the ability to autofocus at f/8.

Canon apparently learned the hard way with the 1D X (they eventually caved in to demand) that professional shooters expect their cameras to autofocus at f/8 – at the very least when using the center AF point. Nikon had no problem offering it on its recent cameras (including the prosumer D7100), which seemed to cause a bit of fuss amongst Canon’s faithful . . . and who can blame them?

The next firmware update for the Canon 6D is rumored to add autofocus capabilities at f/8, among other improvements and bug fixes. If this rumor holds true, 6D users should expect the firmware announcement to come in the May or June time frame.

[via CR]