FxFactory PRO v4 Video Effects Plug-in Review

FxFactory PRO v4

FxFactory PRO v4 is a plug-in for popular NLE editors like Final Cut Pro X, FCP 7 and Premiere Pro CS6. I have been using FxFactory PRO v4 for a few months now in both FCP X and Premier Pro CS6. While it also works in After Effects and Motion, my use has been limited to NLEs.

FxFactory PRO v4 uses the FxFactory plug-in manager for installation and updates. I have used several plug-ins with FxFactory and find it to be one of the easiest installation processes to use with NLE plug-ins.

The cleanest layout for using FxFactory PRO v4 is in FCP X. It shows up as a collection of effects in the collapsable effects panel. Likewise, some effects (like ‘Slideshows’) and transitions show up in the Generators or Transitions panel, respectively. Previewing effects with your footage is easy by scrubbing offer the particular effect icon with the intended clip selected. Individual parameters are adjustable to applied clips in the collapsable Info panel.

Premiere Pro users will also find FxFactory PRO v4 plug-ins logically organized in the effects tab along with the other pre-installed plug-ins. The individual parameters are also adjustable in the effects panel for the selected clip. These also work just like other default effects.

There’s really nothing that is intimidating when working with the plug-in’s effects, which makes using the included effects and transitions easy and allows you to focus on the variety of effects that FxFactory PRO v4 offers.

While there are several effects included in the plug-in package, my biggest use of FxFactory PRO v4 came from some of the solid transitions that are packaged within. Transitions like ‘Whoosh’ and ‘Zoom Dissolve’ offer solid alternatives to the default transitions included in your NLEs.

Additionally, effects like ‘Vignette’ and ‘Slideshows’ allow you to quickly add polished effects that would otherwise be time consuming to create from scratch. Additionally, the easily adjustable parameters let you customize these until your heart is content.

Check out the ‘Vignette’ tutorial below for a little taste of how easy it is to use in FCP X.

One minor complaint that I have with the Slideshows generator is the need to pull images from a location on a drive rather than being able to select images that are already imported within your NLE as assets.

CrumplePop’s SplitScreen X is a splitscreen generator that allows you to use assets that are already imported and the selection process is intuitive. SplitScreen X’s method for handling assets for its generators is a heckuva lot more intuitive. Another advantage of this method is that allows you to quickly and easily swap out assets with imported media rather than having to investigate media import options at the Finder level. In my opinion, I think all generators that use media assets should handle them in the same manner as SplitScreen X.

It is certainly not hard to use the Slideshow generator’s method of importing images; however, it is an extra organizational step that you need to think about at the folder organization level in the Finder rather than your keyword collections within FCP X (or bins in Premiere Pro). The easiest solution, from an organizational standpoint, that I have found is to drop copies of your images that you are using for your slideshow into a dedicated folder for the slideshow.

FxFactory PRO v4 runs $399 and is available on Noise Industry’s website. If you are looking for some professional-grade plug-ins for your Premiere Pro or FCP X editing, I would encourage you to take a look at these. You can try FxFactory PRO v4 free through the FxFactory plug-in manager (also available free) to see if they will suit your needs before you pull the trigger on purchasing it.