PocketWizard PlusX Introduced for $99


PocketWizard has introduced their most affordable radio trigger yet – the PlusX.

At $99, the PlusX has the same core features as what you will find in the more expensive PlusIII units. The PlusX has the same range and reliability specs as the Plus III; however, the interface is dumbed down a bit with a manual dial for changing the 10 standard channels (compared to 32 channels on the Plus III). These channels are compatible with other PocketWizard models and strobe units that are PocketWizard-enabled with built-in radios.


The PlusX can also trigger remote cameras and strobe units simultaneously. Additionally, the PlusX can be set to transmit-only mode if you are sharing lights with another photographer and don’t want your unit to receive signals.┬áSync-speeds are 1/250s for focal plane shutters and 1/500s for leaf shutters.

The PlusX is already shipping for $99. Check them out at B&H Photo, Adorama and Amazon.