Nikon Fixed Lens APS-C Camera Coming Soon?

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Nikon’s APS-C fixed lens mirrorless camera may arrive in the next couple of weeks. Whether it is a response to the outcries over the small 1-inch sensor in its mirrorless 1 Series cameras, or simply jumping on the fixed-lens, big sensor retro bandwagon, is unknown… But the camera is rumored to be on its way.

As for specs, the camera is expected to feature a 16.2MP APS-C sensor and EXPEED 2 processor. The fixed lens is an 18mm f/2.8, which seems a little wide (at 28mm equivalent) and a little slow compared to cameras like the Fuji X100s at 23mm and f/2. Wi-Fi support is another rumored feature on the upcoming camera.

[via NR]



  1. Grant says

    Nikon APS C Fix focus f 2.8 ? Another ridiculous camera.
    Who wants a 2.8 while the others are making 1.8 or 2.0 lens.
    Well, have to wait another 6 month for the Mx full frame.

  2. Michael says

    No, No, No. We don’t want 28mm equivalent lens – we want 35mm equivalent ! While the 28mm is a good landscape lens, the 35mm is better for most “street photography” conditions, better for event coverage, your typical vacation photos, and news gathering. I could make-do with f.2.8, but I would be thinking of a f.2.

  3. dick ranez says

    Another bicycle solution for fish – don’t need it, don’t want it, won’t buy it. Only interesting part of the whole thing will be how Nikon prices the thing and how long it takes for the
    clearance sales at 50% off.