Nikon: “D7100 Does NOT Replace D300s” . . . D400 Inbound?

Nikon D7100

When the D7100 was announced, it sure seemed like it was positioned as a replacement for both the D7000 and the D300s. Nikon USA even said as much – calling it the flagship DX-format camera.

Nikon Europe has responded directly to questions regarding the D7100’s placement in its DSLR lineup.

I can assure you that the D7100 is not positioned to replace the D300s as Nikon’s flagship DX-format camera – such is the information received from Nikon Japan on the matter. -Nikon Europe

As a result, a Nikon D400 seems likely be in the works after all. The D300s will see its fourth birthday this July. That’s a long time for a DX-format camera’s life span – unless, of course, the D400 hits before then…

[via Nikon Rumors]



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    I have a D300s and love the the solid build and the controls. The D600 ,D7000 & D7100 all are about the same it seems on construction and controls but they are a step down from the D300s and D800 with their all magnesium body and control layout. So I am waiting being a bit spoiled with the great build.

    I think it was a mistake to make the D7100 24 megapixel since from my tests with a sony DSLR 24 meg and my D300s, the D300s had better resolution at 12 meg, but to be fair I was using my 16-85 and the Sony only had the kit lens, both stopped down however. The demand for the lens to actually be able the focus on that dense of a sensor is very great.
    It is equal to about a 58 meg FX sensor so I am not convinced after 18 meg it makes any difference.
    Plus the larger files are not a plus either if no difference. If they would have had made the D7100 with say 18 megs with higher usable ISO, I would have been much more interested in it.
    It’s odd how I have had seen so much concern with the D800’s 36 megs, one needing to be very disciplined in the technical aspects to really make use it, yet I have read no concerns with the much denser DX 24 meg sensors demanding far more perfection to have it to be plausible.