Canon EOS M (Version 2.0) Rumors

Canon-EOS-M Rumors

Canon really missed the mark on the EOS M that was introduced last summer. The camera had the potential to be the next big thing in the mirrorless market; however, the sluggish AF system killed any chances of that.

Recent rumors point to a higher spec’d EOS M-style camera that will hopefully deliver in the autofocus department. Check out the rumored spec list below.

  • 24mp APS-C Sensor
  • New generation AF system
  • Removable¬†Electronic Viewfinder (Very high resolution)
  • Optional grip attachment
  • 5fps
  • Slightly larger than the current EOS M
  • Introduced with 3 more lenses
  • $999 USD

Sounds like a good start to some of the missing features of the original EOS M; however, that “new generation AF system” has to be spot-on if the camera is going to have any chance of moving off the shelves.

[via CR]



  1. Jeremy Verinsky says

    I really wanted the EOS-M to be my walking around camera when I didn’t feel like lugging the dSLR. Unfortunately after reading all the reviews here and elsewhere on it, I had to pass and keep my G-12. Here’s hoping the mark 2 steps it up otherwise the Oly OM-D is looking very nice right now. Micro 4/3 has a nice stable of lenses going as well.