1. JOE PRETE says

    I’ve seen these at Nikon and B&H, but I do wonder why such a recent camera needed to be refurbished. btw, there are still New D700’s around for around $1895.00 … Joe Prete

  2. anotherbob says

    It’s the problems with the dust and lubricant from the mirror system getting on the sensor. These are widely known issues that Nikon is supposed to address, but I haven’t seen anything as far as cameras that have been identifed as “post” problem yet, so who knows if they’ve fixed them. Anybody know?

  3. Joe Prete says

    If that’s the case, who knows if they are replacing the Sensor? I doubt it could be cleaned properly, but this is probably the only area of repair. “Refurbished” to Camera manufacturers means repair or replace the damaged part and a full cleaning and inspection of everything else. The camera could still have thousands of cycles on it, but if it isn’t broken they don’t change it. By the way, there’s no guarantee that the parts replaced will be new, they could be LKQ (Like kind and quality ie. used and taken from a supply of saved camera parts ) I think for a few hundred dollars, I’d rather have a new one. I doubt that this model would get the same cycle
    life as a D800. … Joe Prete