1. JOE PRETE says

    I’ve heard the new Samyang lenses are surprising many people, they rate them as extremely good. Maybe I’m showing my age, but years ago in the early 70’s This was the brand usually put on the Nikon, Canon or Pentax body. The advertisements actually didn’t lie, but you had to read the really small print to see that it wasn’t the same brand as the body. Mail order was available (even COD’s) but they were able to get many sales in the stores despite the “off brand” lens. In New York there were House Brands like “Cambron at Cambridge” but some of the best buys were found in the “Spiratone” Catalog, and store on Main street in Flushing New York. They branded everything, darkroom included. Mirror lenses were pretty big then. They did more mail order sales than anyone else. They actually made it to the late 80’s with a new owner, but they lost it around the time that Modern Photography was sold to Popular Photography. The reason that they bought it, it was the BEST Testing Facility in the country.
    Remember the Pin cushion test? You talk about a review? They routinely tore each camera down, spread out and examined everything and they photographed every single piece!
    Where was I? Oh yeah, Samyang lenses They’re worth looking into, for sure! … Joe Prete

    • Solomon says

      you are very right Joe. I remember when I first started taking courses in photography in the mid 80’s and going through the older back issues of PP and MP magazines. It was exciting to leaf through the ads in the back pages and check off in my mind all the delightful lens offerings I wanted to own! I often thought that many of those general branded lenses did produce just as quality capture as the expensive designer brands. I do still have boxes of those old magazines, which I would never give up. They have great articles still worth reading.

      By the way, I was at a used products store in my city last year and came across a manual Magnicon 80-200mm auto zoom lens for Nikon mount. And, for $15 they were asking, I thought why not. Well, am so happy that I did, because it produces lovely images on my D5000. Magnicon lenses are apparently Sigma lenses, with the brand name.