Sony NEX-3N Official Images Leaked

Sony NEX-3N

The Sony NEX-3N is apparently coming pretty soon – based on these official images that leaked today.

These images show the NEX-3N equipped with the 16-50mm PZ (power zoom) lens that will take advantage of the zoom rocker switch that surrounds the shutter release. 

The camera is rumored to feature the same 16MP sensor as found the the NEX-F3.

Sony NEX-3N

Also note the presence of the pop-up flash in the center of the body, as well as the absence of an accessory port for external flashes and other accessories.

Sony NEX-3N

As previously noted, the upcoming Sony NEX-3N is expected to feature the same 16MP sensor as found in theNEX-F3. The F3 retails for $600 with a kit lens (although it can be had for $500 right now thanks to instant rebates); however, recent rumors suggest that the NEX-3N may land at the $500 starting retail price point with a kit lens as it replaces the NEX-F3.

[via DCI]