Iran’s Epic Photoshop Fail

Iran Photoshop Fail

Iran recently made the news with the unveiling of its stealth jet, the Qaher-313, which may or may not even be able to fly. After some heavy criticism to that point, however, Iran released a photo of the Qaher-313 in flight high above the country’s own Mount Damavand.

Unfortunately for Iran, the rest of the world still hasn’t bought in to the Qaher-313’s ability to actually fly – since the nice photo of Mount Damavand had the below hanger shot (from the Qaher-313’s unveiling) Photoshopped into it.

The motion blur added to the jet is a nice touch – don’t you think?


This comes just a couple of weeks after another Iranian photo controversy in which Iran showed off images of two different monkeys supposedly taken before and after launching a single monkey into space.

What exactly is going on in the Iranian photo community?

[Buzzfeed via PSD]



  1. says

    This is pure hilarity. I loved the picture from the press release where the pilots knees are sticking up over the sides of the plane.

  2. One Working Man says

    Nice green and blue lighting on the tail in flight. Must be left over from being illuminated by the lights on the ground ring.