Pentax MX-1 Now Shipping

Pentax MX-1

The new Pentax MX-1 serious compact camera with a retro flare is in stock and now shipping. The MX-1 sports a 12MP sensor, 4x zoom lens, 1080p HD video and has a fast f/1.8-2.5 lens. Focus and shutter response are very fast for a point and shoot camera. I had a very positive first look at the MX-1 at CES 2013.

Check it out here at B&H and Adorama.


  1. Phf says

    I, for one, would think that retro ‘flair’ would be greatly preferred over the promised retro ‘flare’.

    • David Luke says

      What? Personally, I want it in Ferarri red with those big ass vented Testarossa flares on either side of the lens.