RØDE VideoMic Updated with New Mount and Rycote Suspension

 Rode VideoMic

RØDE has updated its popular VideoMic, which now uses the Lyre suspension system from Rycote. The new orientation has lowered the microphone profile, and the plastic shoe mount has been replaced with a billet all-metal shoe for extra reliability.

The RØDE VideoMic features a high-pass filter at 80Hz and is designed for use with HDSLRs and other video cameras that offer a 3.5mm mic input. the VideoMic is powered by a 9-volt battery, which RØDE estimates will provide 100 hours of runtime.

The new RØDE VideoMic retails for $169 and should be available later this month. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

More details in the press release below.

RØDE Microphones today announced a strategic alliance with UK-based audio accessory maker Rycote into a wide range of microphones and accessories, commencing with its popular VideoMic on-camera microphone.

Rycote’s Lyre is a non-elasticated suspension structure composed of a hard-wearing thermoplastic, and is markedly more effective at acoustically decoupling microphones from unwanted vibrations, handling and cable-borne noise than elasticated suspensions. Remaining effective at a wide range of temperatures between -35 and +40°C, the Lyre is virtually indestructible. It will never wear out, sag, snap or require any rethreading to maintain its effectiveness.

Under the details of the agreement, RØDE will have access to implement the Lyre suspension element across a wide range of microphones and accessories, on both an external and internal level.

“The Rycote Lyre is absolutely the world’s best microphone shock-mounting solution,” Peter Freedman, RØDE’s President and Founder, explained. “Working closely with Rycote is an incredible opportunity for both companies to push the boundaries of product innovation and extend our reach into the consumer and professional audio markets.”

“Our core strategy has always been the design and production of performance-enhancing products for the professional microphone user,” Rycote’s Managing Director, Simon Davies, added. “When the opportunity arose to work closely with one of the most respected microphone manufacturers in the world, we welcomed it. We are looking forward to working with RØDE for many years, helping to provide their customers with the best microphone suspension technology available.”

The RØDE VideoMic with Lyre onboard marks the debut product of the RØDE Rycote relationship. Its new form factor using the integrated Lyre suspension, gives the microphone a lower profile and also features an upgraded all metal cold-shoe mount for increased rigidity.

“This is a great example of how RØDE is planning to push innovation with the Lyre technology, integrating the suspension with the body of the microphone itself to provide unparalleled isolation” Mr Freedman continued. “This is the first of many exciting products from RØDE featuring Lyre onboard, that will combine our expertise in product design and manufacturing to bring industry-leading products to market at the excellent value that RØDE is famous for.”

The VideoMic featuring Rycote Lyre suspension is shipping to authorised RØDE retailers worldwide this month.