Sony NEX-3N Leaked

Sony NEX-3N

The first image of the upcoming Sony NEX-3N has leaked out. The NEX-3N will serve as the successor the very solid NEX-F3. What’s apparent from the image is the growing reliance on power zoom lens as evidenced by the zoom rocker switch that surrounds the shutter release.

While the leaked image shows the NEX-3N equipped with the 16mm f/2.8 common kit lens, current power zoom lenses from Sony include the 16-50mm PZ and the 18-200mm PZ. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a more affordable PZ kit lens introduced with the NEX-3N.

Additionally, a pop-up flash resides directly over the center of the lens mount and deletes the accessory port found on the NEX-F3. ThisĀ eliminatesĀ the possibility of using accessories such as flash or viewfinders with the NEX-3N. This is probably not a big loss for most users due to the entry-level market position of the NEX-3 series.

It is even more clear that Sony is going after the compact camera market with its mirrorless cameras. The low-end NEX-3 series has been increasingly easier to use and more consumer-friendly with each generation. It is the series that I more and more frequently recommend to “non-photographers” who ask me to point them to a “good quality” camera.

Sony is nailing it in the mirrorless market and the NEX-3N is looking like it could be the best consumer-friendly mirrorless yet.

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    Sounds more like a step back. The F3 is one very great camera, perhaps a bit too great. I suspect it is interfering with NEX6 & 7 sales and the 3N may just help by replacing the F3. I also suspect that the 3N will do very well.