Nikon D7000 Replacement Coming Soon…?

Nikon D7100 Rumors

The latest rumorations point to a Nikon D7000 replacement before April 2013. Based on Nikon’s recent naming scheme, this camera would presumably be dubbed the D7100.

Rumored specs on the new camera include a 24MP sensor, ISO 100-6400 and a form factor similar to its full frame brother – the D600.

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. Corey says

    The D7000 is already a pretty amazing camera. I have yet to run into a megapixal problem with the current specs. To me, I could see them taking the model even further to make it a more professional DX, having the advantages of a smaller body but pro functionality and features like faster images per second, a much bigger LCD for the back, bluetooth/wifi, and a better viewfinder. Other than that, the D7K already rocks!

  2. says

    They should at least increase the ISO capabilities for low light photography, as well as FPS to at least 8 fps in RAW, that should be a huge update and I would for sure get this new camera, if not, I’d rather spend a few extra bucks and get the D600 and get a full frame….

  3. says

    I wish my D300s had the D7000 upgrade in ISO performance and pixels.
    A thought, it’s too bad they could not make a pro body like the D300 with a modular chip & sensor upgrade option only. I hate to keep spending thousands for a whole new camera body. Going from a D300s to a D7000 is like taking a step forward then a step back. So I hanging on to my D300s since it is a great workhorse of a camera.
    I can’t wait to see if a D400 emerges. If you look at the great ISO the D800 has, why could they not just cut the same sensor down to a 15 meg, DX size? For get the D3200 24meg sensor that is a waist of file space and not that good in high ISO performance. It would have a better high ISO imaging than the D700 thus a strong reason to stay with DX. 15 meg is about the optimum pixel density anyhow since few lens in DX can get sharp enough to focus much more than that.

    • Francisco P Andrade says

      Concordo com a melhoria propostas pois também tenho uma D300s que é um trator para todo serviço.