Nikon D5200 Hands-On

Nikon D5200

The Nikon D5200 finally made its way to the US at CES 2013. I spent a few minutes checking out the new camera at a press event and wanted to pass along some images and initial thoughts on this entry-level DSLR.

The D5200 is built very much like the D5100, which seems to be a good thing overall. It is available in black, red and bronze. I’m not a big fan of the red or bronze colors, but if that’s your thing, go for it.

Ergonomically, the D5200 is a more compact DSLR (again, like the D5100 and Canon Rebel series); however, it offers plenty of manual control and access to features via buttons and dials on the camera’s external.

On the rear of the D5200, we’ve got the standard side-swinging LCD panel, which measures 3-inches and is a 921k-dot res display. I much prefer this side mount design over the D5000’s LCD that hinged on the bottom of the camera.

Everything about the D5200 seems fast – from shutter response to AF speed. This is a third-generation design of this model, so it makes sense that Nikon has its operation very smooth and fast.

The D5200 features a sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600 for a wide range of lighting conditions. Max frame rate on the D5200 is 5fps for still images.

On the video side, the D5200 captures 1920 x 1080 HD video at a variety of frame rates – 60i, 50i, 30p, 25p and 24p. There is a direct-record button near the shutter release on the top of the camera. A built-in stereo mic rests on top of the camera just in front of the standard ISO hot shoe. Additionally, a mini-jack mic input is available for using an external mic like the Nikon ME-1 or Rode VideoMic Pro.

A couple of internal specs that I didn’t get to really dig into are the massive resolution coming from the 24MP APS-C sensor, which is manufactured by Toshiba. This new sensor gave the D5200 top marks for an APS-C camera across all other brands in the DxO Mark sensor test. Combined with a solid 39-point AF system, the D5200 may be the entry-level DSLR to beat.

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  1. Coen Fierst says

    Wow, a pimped camerabody! Neon lights, anyone?
    Seriously, the looks of the kitlens doesn’t look nice in combination with this body colour. Luckilly, true beauty is on the inside…

  2. Geoff Brown says

    I must admit that I am seriously considering selling my Panasonic G3 + lenses for one of these.