Snappgrip for Smartphones Goes Into Production

by on January 17, 2013

in Gear

Snappgrip is an iPhone case and grip that allows you to use your iPhone or Galaxy III more like a traditional point and shoot camera. The idea turned into a Kickstarter project, which recently met its funding goal, and is now going into production with commercial availability expected in March 2013.

Snappgrip comes complete with a shutter button, mode dial and zoom toggle. On the bottom of the grip, you get a 1/4-20 adapter for tripod mounting, along with a micro-USB port and an on/off switch.

You can still pre-order the Snappgrip through the Kickstarter campaign at a discounted price of $79 for the next 10 days. After that, the Snappgrip will retail for $99 for the case and the grip combo.

Check it out here on Kickstarter.



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